Boat Anchors

All of our anchors are made of cast-iron semi-steel with a minimum of 30,000# tensile strength. They are finished in Aluminum, Powder Coated, or Vinyl Coated. Roloff Mfg. Corp. was the first to produce vinyl-coated anchors with a thicker, more durable coating that won't peel off. It is resistant to rust, salt water, gas, and oil. It deadens the sound if dropped in the boat and will not mar the finish of the boat.

Our boat anchors range in size from 5 to 40 pounds to fit all anchoring applications. We also recommend that you use a minimum of 5 feet of rope for every 1 foot of water depth. You may go as much as 10 to 1 if windy conditions occur.

The Roloff Anchors and Marine Accessories line is now sold in every one of the fifty states as well as in Canada and other countries.

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