Barbecue - Fish and Steak Pans, and Barbecue Grates

Made of Cast Iron Semi-Steel Class G-25,000 to G30,000 Pounds of Tensile Strength.


The 1” extension around 3 sides of the top of the grate area provides perfect protection to food from wind or dust and prevents food from falling off grate while turning. The park Type Barbecue answers every need for park, highway waysides, home patios, marinas, camps, etc. It is neat in appearance, maintenance free, and easy to set up. Painted stove black and shipped fully assembled.


The entire unit is made of cast iron semi-steel for added strength. It has a cast iron grate support cast iron the one piece unit which makes it as theft proof as possible. The grate will not warp of buckle and provides maximum heat. You’ll use less fuel to barbecue!


20” wide, 14” deep and 5” high. Grate area is 13 1/2” x 20” – 280 square inches of usable surface. The barbecue has a 2” x 4” center mounting support case on the bottom to accommodate a 2” pipe support. (The pipe support is not included.) For erection, a one-half inch hole is drilled through the pope and the cast mounting support to accommodate a one-half inch bolt. By riveting threads on this bolt, it makes it theft-proof. Weight 70 lbs.

Positive Alcohol Igniter

You do not need paper or wood to start your charcoal fire. No smoke or smudge while lighting. The shaker provides good clean fire. Draft doors on each end of the ash pit give good control of heat. The grate is reversible. One side is designed for barbecuing with a 1” high rim to keep food from sliding off the grate. The other side has a plain smooth surface for using frying pans, kettles, coffee pots, etc.

Winter Sportsmen

You can have warm meals on your hunting trips. The whole family can enjoy barbecuing Winter or Summer. FOR CAMPING – The No. 1 Pan fits in the barbecue grate converting it into a flat top stove for frying eggs, pancakes, etc. It can also be used in your fireplace by removing the legs.

The barbecue is made of high-grade cast iron. Will not warp or buckle. Con be carried in the trunk of your car; has removable legs. 9” high, 12” wide, 22” long. Overall height with legs in place – 28”. Painted stove black. Weighs 27 lbs.

Fish & Steak Pans

These pans are made of high-grade cast iron which holds an even heat and will last a lifetime. We have sold hundreds of them and they are highly recommended by their users. Great for outdoor barbecues, at hunting lodges, clubs, tavern fish or steak fries, and home cook-outs.

  • No. 1 pan – 10 ¼” wide, 16” long, ½” high – 9 lbs.
  • No. 2 pan – 14” wide, 20” long, 2” high – 22 lbs. HOT ITEM (For Gas Grills)
  • No. 3 pan – 10” wide, 20” long, 1” high – 16 lbs.
  • No. 4 pan – 12” wide, 12” long, 2” high – 13 lbs.

Grates for Permanent Barbecues

Here is something completely new in a Reversible Barbeque Grate. The grate is 6” wide, 18” long and 3/4” thick. One side has grate bars 3/8” wide with ½” open air space for use as a fire grate, while the other side has grate bars 1/8” wide with 5/8” open air space for use as a top grade to barbecue on, or for using kettles, pots of pans. Made of high-grade heat resisting cast iron, designed for easy installation.

NOTE: 2 grates will give you a 12” x 18” surface; 3 grates, an 18” x 18” surface, 4 grates, a 24” x 18” surface.

The same number of grates that are used in your fire pit should be ordered for the barbecuing surface. 8 lbs. each.