Use DB-800 or DB-4 auger for other commercial usage

Thousands of DB-800 augers or DB-4 augers are in use to install mailboxes. You are able to lower or raise by screwing the 1 1/4" pipe into or out of the ground to the desired height for the mail carrier. Can weld a plate to the top of the pipe or use a 1 1/4" threaded pipe flange to fasten the box to the pipe.

Prices of the augers are on Page 14.

There are man uses for augers used with 1 1/4" pipe as fence post, barrier of signs, driveway makers, and many others we are sure that you can think of.


With a DB-4 auger, you need to drill a 1/4" hole through the pipe and auger. After the auger is driven into the pipe, a furnished 1/4" rivet is to go through the pipe and auger and peened over.