At the present time we are melting and pouring approximately 25 tons per day, while our full capacity is be 30 tons per day, depending upon the class of work. We have two 5000# coreless Ajax furnaces with mechanical charging and digital weighing of all materials going into the furnace; this is all done on the ground floor level. The molten metal is tested continuously and is handled by means of monorails throughout the plant. The core room is equipped with new, modern core blowers and three electric core ovens, two new shell core machines and a stock core machine. The molders are equipped with 12 jolt squeeze machines of a very new and late design, plus two cope and drag machines and a new B&P automatic 16 x 20. An overhead sand system is used to supply the molding units. Molding sand is controlled by a new Hartley computerized controller and is tested daily in our Sand Lab. Our daily production per man ranks well among the highest throughout the state for a semi-mechanized foundry. Our cleaning room is equipped with two large tumbling barrels, one large wheelabrator, five 32" diameter high-speed stand grinders, as well as one 42" surface grinder. We have the latest go and no-go brinell testing. Our castings are then visually inspected by trained inspectors before shipment.

Castings are produced from mounted patterns, or rigged in some form or another for production runs on the molding floor. We are also equipped to run loose patterns in quantities from one to ten pieces.