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Roloff Manufacturing Corporation is a family-owned, gray iron foundry, currently celebrating 76 years in business. Our green sand foundry, equipped with squeezer, cope and drag, 16x20 B&P and loose molding floors, can help you with any job, large or small.  Now in its 4th generation, our company has over 75,000 square feet of production space and manufactures an extensive line of marine products and custom castings for multiple industries across the United States.  Whatever it is, we would love to help you with any of your gray iron needs.

  • Weight Range:  Ounces to 100+ lbs

  • Class Iron:  

       * 25,000 psi (SAE 110 or G2500)​

       * 30,000 psi (SAE 111 or G3000)

       * 30 to 35,000 psi (SAE 120 or G3000 to G3500)

       * 35 to 40,000 psi(SAE 130 or G3500 to G4000)

  • Chemistry Testing: 

       Datacast Entouch Carbon Equivalent, Cochrane Laboratory, and Analytical Process - Spectrograph

  • Type Molding:

       Squeezer, Cope and Drag, Loose, Prototypes from Masters, and B&P (16x20 High Production Patterns)

  • Size Flask: 

       10x12 to 26x26 (and any size in between)

  • Core Processes:  

       ​Dependable Shell Core Machines, Pepset (No Bake), ISO Cure & CO2

  • Types of Castings Produced:

       Power Transmission, Electrical, Agricultural, Concrete Machinery, Automotice, Conveyor, Heating, Paper Mill, Wood Working, White

       Goods, Garden, Lawn Power Equipment Machine Tool, and much more (See products page for additional information)​

  • Cleaning Equipment: 


  • Other Services: 

       Complete pattern service, Prime Paint -Red Oxide (other colors available through outsourcing), and Heat-Treating

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